Don Tacos at Smiley’s

I had some great tacos at Don Taco out at Smiley’s this weekend.  The owner Angelica, and her two sons, Ariel and Anthony, were kind enough to let me photograph them cooking and making their hand-made corn tortillas in the kitchen. Don Taco does authentic tacos and Mexican dishes like tripe soup. It’s worth the trip out to Fletcher for their tasty food and hospitality. They’ve been there making tacos since 2004. You can’t go wrong with the Al Pastor.  I love that Asheville has such a commodity in the vicinity.  I enjoy being able to go out and interact with people who are happy to share about the food they make and serve, and I enjoy being able to photograph and document the food scene around Asheville.  Not only are there great food options at Smiley’s, such as the numerous taquerias, but there are also food stalls and produce vendors.

I plan on revisiting Smiley’s and working on a project documenting the food culture there over the coming weeks. It is such a fun place to visit and stroll on a nice weekend day.  I really enjoyed talking with Ariel and discussing how food can be a powerful bridge to learning about another culture.  It is nice to see some authentic taquerias opening up in Asheville too, such as Taqueria Munoz in West Asheville.  We discussed how Asheville is open to diverse cuisine and there is a place for authentic food traditions, made by people who bring their traditions with them.  I hope to see the food scene in Asheville continue to blossom and make space for some affordable, authentic dishes. How can you beat a $2 taco?

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