Barrel House

I had a great time doing a photo shoot at Asheville’s Barrel House yesterday. They have great food, which includes perogies and wings. They are a welcome addition to the North Asheville food and drink scene, which has lacked a spot that is open late 7 days a week. I’m happy to frequent them early…Read more »

Desserts, hats, and tacos at Smiley’s

There are some fabulous desserts out at the numerous taquerias at Smiley’s. Here is a small sample from my visit there this weekend. These came from El Toro, which also has a fabulous produce and meat market, with all kinds of fresh cheeses, meats, and condiments.  Also, there are some tacos from Taqueria Los Gallos…Read more »

Smiley’s Flea Market

Asheville has a vibrant food scene, which is well deserved and features many high-end restaurants and eateries. However, there are many authentic, and ethnic food vendors that may get lost in the mix.  Smiley’s Flea Market is a hot spot of good eats. I found amazing Al Pastor, mangoes and tacos while casually strolling through…Read more »

Don Tacos at Smiley’s

I had some great tacos at Don Taco out at Smiley’s this weekend.  The owner Angelica, and her two sons, Ariel and Anthony, were kind enough to let me photograph them cooking and making their hand-made corn tortillas in the kitchen. Don Taco does authentic tacos and Mexican dishes like tripe soup. It’s worth the…Read more »


I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate on a few occasions with one of Asheville’s most dynamic bands, Ahleuchatistas.  This duo consists of Shane Parish on guitar and Ryan Oslance on drums.  Experiencing this duo live is essential for understanding their music, and their performances are unique and full of energy and stimulation.  Several years ago…Read more »


  Morocco is one of the most fascinating places I have visited.  It was my good fortune to befriend our informal guide, Abdullah, whom invited my family to his home, where we had the privilege of eating a home-cooked meal of Tagine Couscous. Tangier, Chefchaouen and  Asilah were great introductions to this country.  Chefchaouen, tucked…Read more »

Something in the Way

      Within the photographs of Something in the Way, people are depicted absorbed in thought or task, and a sense of ennui overshadows their existence. We cannot see into their thoughts, but we are informed of the subject’s situation by the details of the setting: lying in a bed laden with suitcases, isolated…Read more »